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May 19 2017

Hart & Cooley team participates in 7th annual cleanup event

Grand River Cleanup Event 2017

At Johnson Controls, we value Mother Earth just as much as any other member of the community. That's why when Mother's Day rolled around, our Hart & Cooley location in Grand Rapids, Michigan was ready to take action.

Several employees and their families volunteered to take part in the 7th Annual Ottawa County Grand River Cleanup Event held on May 13th in honor of Earth Week and Mother's Day. Every year, the event is held to clean up trash and other debris littered along the riverside. The event also aims to teach about responsibly disposing of trash, and how recycling can help our environment.

"We, together with many other volunteers from the area, loaded into multiple busses destined for parks and boat launches all along the Grand River," said David Lunt, project manager for Hart & Cooley. "This is one opportunity we have to help maintain nature for everyone's enjoyment."

A similar event is being planned for Kent County in the fall. Learn about the many other ways Johnson Controls and Hart & Cooley, Inc. are involved in our surrounding communities.

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