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Multi-Pleat Filter

Multi-Pleat Filter


Catalogs (3 MB, PDF)
  • Merv 8

  • Moisture resistant beverage board frame maintains rigidity even in high humidity environments.

  • 100% mechanical media provides high efficiency, excellent dust holding capacity throughout the filter’s lifecycle.

  • Rust resistant galvanized-dipped expanded metal support grid is totally laminated to media to insure even pleat spacing and structural support.

  • Pleats are bonded to frame to guarantee consistent pleat configuration and total media utilization.

  • Frame is double-walled with reinforced corners to insure rigidity in the toughest applications.

  • Standard Capacity XL8-SC filters provide a combination of efficiency, economy, and excellent overall performance. Standard Capacity XL8 filters are an excellent choice in applications where filter change schedules are based on preventive maintenance schedules.

  • High Capacity XL8-HC filters are similar in construction to the Standard Capacity but have the added advantage of approximately 30% more media. The additional media results in extended filter life, making the XL8-HC the ideal filter for use in filtration systems where filter change schedules are predicated on recommended final pressure drop readings.