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April 1 2013

Must I use UL-Listed Duct Tape, Mastics and Clamps?

Yes. Our installation instructions are in full compliance with UL and ADC standards. As such, only duct tapes, mastics and non-metallic clamps that are listed and labeled according to the UL-181 standard can be used.  Metallic clamps are also allowed. The use of beaded sheet metal fittings is also required. 

Duct tape must be marked "UL181B-FX".  (established October 20, 1995.)

Mastics must be marked "UL-181B-M".  (established October 20, 1995.)

Non-metallic clamps must be marked "UL-181B-C".  Limited to 6" w.g. positive pressure.  (established May 15, 2004.)