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VAV Boxes

VAV (Variable Air Volume) Boxes or terminals vary airflow. Hart & Cooley offers the SDV, single duct air terminal, which features a primary inlet with an integral damper and a discharge plenum sized to fit standard Hart & Cooley hot water coils. Stocked for quick ship convenience.

The SDV operates on the principle that as the space cooling load is satisfied, the primary damper modulates closed to restrict air flow to the space so that a constant space temperature is maintained. As the space cooling load is further satisfied, the SDV closes to a pre-set minimum flow, which is usually determined by the minimum level of ventilation required in the space. In addition, the SDV can also be used at full shut-off for those applications where minimum ventilation requirements are not necessary. Upon call for heat, the damper shuts down to a minimum. If more heat is required, a reheat coil (hot water or electric) can be energized to provide further heating.