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Flex Duct

Product Information

Hart & Cooley offers flexible duct products for both residential and commercial applications, that provide the most economical solution to your air-handling needs. Hart & Cooley uses Formaldehyde-Free insulation for improved indoor air quality. Available in boxes or banded bags. Custom lengths are also available.

Polyethylene Jacket Air Ducts

These feature a durable, scuff-resistant black polyethylene vapor barrier that provides improved protection against damaging ultra-violet light. Installation is made easy with the reinforcing fiberglass yarn scrim, which acts as a rip-stop and helps prevent tearing. These air ducts feature an R-value of 4.2, 6.0 or 8.0 to fit any application, and also come in special configurations designed for manufactured homes.

Metalized Jacket Air Ducts

Providing the ultimate in strength and protection, metalized polyester vapor barriers are reinforced with fiberglass scrim to provide high durability and tear resistance. The fiberglass insulation furnishes outstanding thermal protection with R-values of 4.2, 6.0 or 8.0. The metalized jacket air duct and sleeves are available with either a two-ply, black polyester core (Residential Series) or high-pressure, multi-ply, metalized polyester laminate core (Commercial Series) that encapsulate a high carbon steel wire helix.

Economical Air Duct Connectors

Designed for high pressure applications, air duct connectors utilize either a multi-ply metalized/polyester laminate encapsulating a high carbon steel wire helix or corrugated aluminum for maximum strength and durability.



UL Listing (mark) Hart & Cooley flexible air ducts and air connectors have been rigorously tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. in accordance with UL 181, The Standard for Safety for Factory-Made Air Ducts and Air Connectors. UL is a not-for-profit laboratory with an outstanding reputation for fire safety and performance testing. Our UL listing assures you that our duct cores will not promote the growth of mold.

ADC-Certified R-Values

ADC Member (Thermal Performance) All Hart & Cooley insulated flexible air ducts are certified by the Air Diffusion Council for thermal performance in accordance with the ADC Flexible Duct Performance & Installation Standards (1996). Certified R-values are essential to ensure that the product you buy meets the many regulatory energy codes. Only ADC-certified products will bear this ADC thermal certification marking.

UL Geenguard Gold

Greenguard Gold All Hart & Cooley insulated flexible air ducts have achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification from UL Environment. This certification connects consumers to products certified for low chemical emissions.

Greenguard Level 4 Microbial Resistant

All Hart & Cooley flexible ducts are listed as Highly Microbial Resistant under the GREENGUARD Gold Microbial Resistance Listing program.

CHPS MemberThe Collaborative for High Performance Schools

American Schools & Hospital Facilities Product Directory

Code Approvals

All Hart & Cooley flexible duct products meet or exceed the requirements of most federal, state, and local mechanical and energy codes. They comply with the International Mechanical Code (IMC), the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC), NFPA 90A and 90B, HUD, and the California Bureau of Home Furnishings, just to name a few.

Outstanding Performance

All Hart & Cooley flexible duct products are performance-tested in accordance with industry standards to ensure reliability and years of service. Our core is tested (in accordance with ADC FD 72-R1) for actual installation static pressure/ temperature performance and meets the ratings specified in our catalog. Our polyester cores are also tested for microbial resistance by GEI per ASTM D6329-98. The vapor barriers are tested for permeation in accordance with ASTM test methods. Call-backs are expensive and eat away at your profits, use flexible duct you know has been performance-tested.

Industry Involvement

ADC Member Hart & Cooley is committed to the flexible duct industry and supports it through involvement in many industry-related associations, committees, and organizations. Participation in ADC and UL’s industry advisory council for UL 181 allows Hart & Cooley to stay at the forefront of industry changes.

ADC now offers an online training program for Flex Duct Installation.

Performance Data

Residential Series Black Polyester Core

  • Rated pressure per UL 181: 12” W.C. positive, 3/4” W.C. negative (1/2” W.C. neg for 14” – 20” diameter)
  • Recommended operating pressure: 6” W.C. positive for 12” diameter and under 4” W.C. positive for 14” diameter and over
  • Rated maximum air velocity: 5000 FPM
  • For residential and light commercial applications

Commercial Series Metalized Polyester Core

  • Rated pressure per UL 181: 16” W.C. positive, 1” W.C. negative (1/2” W.C. neg for 14” – 20” diameter)
  • Recommended operating pressure: 
  • 6” W.C. positive for 12” diameter and under
  • 4” W.C. positive for 14” diameter and over
  • Rated maximum air velocity: 6000 FPM
  • For residential and most commercial applications

Commercial Series Corrugated Aluminum Core

  • Maximum rated pressure per UL 181: 12” W.C. positive for 10” diameter and under 8” W.C. positive for 12” diameter and over 3” W.C. maximum negative
  • Rated maximum air velocity: 5000 FPM

Insulation R-Values

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and the Air Diffusion Council in accordance with ADC Flexible Duct Performance and Installation Standards using ASTM C-518 at installed wall thickness on flat insulation only

Polyethylene Jackets

  • A durable black polyethylene vapor barrier
  • High tensile scrim is used under the vapor barrier to provide additional strength and tear resistance
  • Perm rating of 0.1 (ASTM E96 Method “A”)

Metalized Jackets

  • A metalized polyester vapor barrier is constructed by sandwiching fiberglass scrim between layers of polyester to provide an outstanding combination of strength and tear resistance
  • Perm rating of 0.04 (ASTM E96 Method “A”)

Surface Burning Characteristics (Class 1 Air Ducts)

  • Maximum flame spread: 25
  • Maximum smoke developed: 50

Operating Temperature Range

  • -20°F to 140°F continuous @ max. Pos. pressure
  • -20°F to 180°F intermittent @ 2” W.C. Pos. pressure
  • -20°F to 250°F intermittent @ 0.5” W.C. Pos. pressure
  • For corrugated aluminum cores: -100°F to 250°F continuous @ max Pos. pressure

Code Approvals, Certifications & Listings

  • UL 181 Listed
  • NFPA 90A and 90B
  • IMC
  • HUD
  • UMC
  • California Bureau of Home Furnishings
  • Most Federal, State, and Local codes and standards


Hart & Cooley Flex Duct Warranty